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October 2017 Therapist Spotlight - Charis Pastor

Hi there! I’m Charis Pastor (pronounced like “charismatic” without the “matic”. I’ve worked for A Healing Place basically since its inception and am honored to be on staff with such a fantastic practice and to work with the amazing clients I serve.

Currently the things I’m passionate about in the world of therapy are working with anxiety disorders, helping people, particularly women, right self-esteem (which--let’s be real--regardless of the reason people come through the door we generally end up at least touching on this one!), the therapeutic implications for mindfulness/meditation practice (watch for information on upcoming groups I lead on AHP's site) and teaching people all about how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interconnect and, more importantly, how to effect change in one area to promote growth in all three. I also enjoy interacting with my clients and consider it a privilege to be invited into their lives and their struggles.

All my higher education was achieved here in Michigan, with an undergraduate degree in Social Work from Spring Arbor University and a Master's degree in the same from Eastern Michigan University. Right about the time I finished my Master's degree, I got a job working in community mental health counseling children and their families. And after about a year and a half of doing that we moved to Kansas City, where we lived for about four and a half years. In the course of my time out in KC I completed the requirements for clinical practice and gained valuable experience.

Every job I've held since college has had some kind of counseling component to it. While out in Kansas City I worked on an inpatient mental health unit for a few years and on the medical side of discharge planning in a hospital setting. I can never seem to have my hands on just one thing, so while I was doing all of that I got my first taste of working for a private practice in the evenings, ultimately deciding that this was where I wanted to land professionally. After having a couple of children and facing a transition period, my family moved back to Michigan about six years ago, and I was given the opportunity to come on staff with A Healing Place, LLC shortly thereafter.

Other things that bring me joy are writing, both about mental health and fiction, spending time with my family, being outdoors, exercise, coffee, and red wine. Life is good and a very rich part of that reality is working here at AHP. I love building relationships with my clients and helping them through some of the toughest spots of their lives. People are amazing, resilient, and hard working and nothing has shown me this more clearly than in those interactions in my counseling office.

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