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* Thank you to all who participated in the 1st annual EDEN benefit event honoring Britt & TJs Place. The event was able to raise over $8,000 for scholarships! These funds will go to individuals who are affected with an eating disorder and in need of financial assistance. People who may not have had access to help will now be able to receive appropriate treatment and work toward recovery. We are excited to see how many lives this event touches, changes, and saves. Thank you again for the generosity and support we received. The video below is a powerful testament to the importance of our mission.*

"A Healing Place, LLC" a comprehensive counseling center would like to introduce "Britt & TJs Place". "Britt & TJs Place is where individuals & families that are affected by an eating disorder can go to receive treatment and HOPE for recovery of their eating disorder. "Britt & TJs Place" was named after Britt Sommerfield and TJ Warschefsky.

Britt Sommerfield was beautiful both inside and out. Britt was classic, brilliant, loyal, kind and truly timeless. Although she left us far too soon, she accomplished much while she was here. Things were said about Britt, like how elegant she was in a room of people, that she was the sweetest person they ever knew, and even that people who had only met her once loved her. Even still, she suffered from an eating disorder which eventually took her life. While she was strong and fiestyle in her own right, she was unable to fight this battle within herself. Britt was 26 years old. Britt was loved and admired by many...and she will be missed by all who knew her. TJ Warschefsky was a motivated, disciplined self-starter who earned straight A's and played almost every sport.
Everyone loved TJ - his fun and quick wit, his great laugh, his sensitivity. He was a good Christian with very high morals and values and admired and respected by everyone. A dozen years ago, Susan had no idea boys could suffer from anorexia. Not until her then 14-year-old son, TJ, removed his shirt at a backyard pool party and revealed a frame so suddenly thin, she immediately got him into therapy. It was the beginning of a nine year battle that ended Valentine's night, 2007, at the age of 22. He was in dental school at Marquette University in Milwaukee finishing his one thousand situps when his heart gave out - one last gasp in a body wracked by years of starvation and over-exercising. His perfectionism began as a healthy goal of getting a six pack and muscles, ending in an out-of-control obsession.

"Britt & TJs Place" will offer individuals & families who are affected by an eating disorder psychotherapy and getting individuals connected with a treatment team that specializes in eating disorders. A Healing Place, LLC is paneled with most insurances.

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Britt & Tj's Place is honored to team up with Eating Disorders & Education Network (EDEN). EDEN is a not-for-profit 501(c)3. In 1995 three women, Alice Grisham, Kathryn Fant and Kim Wiza came together as a result of their personal battles with Eating Disorders. Each believed that if they would have had access to positive community-based programs like Britt & Tj's Place it would have accelerated their recoveries. As a result, EDEN was born.

The organization began with a vision to help women and men attain more timely and complete recovery from eating disorders. EDEN was specifically designed by and for individuals seeking support and freedom from their eating disorder behaviors. Utilizing backgrounds in health behavior change, social work, and business, the founders expanded the reach of the organization. After years of offering support and referrals to just one community, EDEN developed a curricula called the EDEN Process which is used at Britt & Tj's Place to families and individuals who are affected by an eating disorder.

The Eden Process is based on Prochaska's Transtheoretical Behavioral Change Model. The Eden Process helps individuals assess where they are in the five stages of change; then helps them create a recovery plan. It also supports their progression through the stages to recovery and freedom from their eating disorder.

Britt & Tj's Place also is able to offer partial scholarships through the donations that come to EDEN at Britt & Tj's Place. These partial scholarships are to help support appropriate treatment needed for individuals to reach their goal of recovery.

Inspiring Lives & Giving HOPE through their LEGACY they leave behind.

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